Thursday, January 9, 2014

Monster High Doll House

This year for Christmas my daughter asked for a Monster high doll house..... now she was asking me for the monster high doll houses that you can purchase in the stores like this one
Did you know they want $100 for this little piece of plastic?! It got me to thinking - what other options are out there? A lot of people take Barbie houses and paint them and they look great! I was all set to o that route when I came across this amazing blog page:
This woman makes the most amazing doll houses out of cardboard boxes!!! AND she makes full instructional videos on how she makes  everything! It's a great blog and I highly recommend that you take a look!
I have taken a few photo's of my doll house to show the process as well as the final product - but for anyone thinking about taking on this HUGE project please visit the above blog site, it is SO worth it! I was able to get all of my cardboard boxes from a department store - the only things I paid for were the glue, paints and accessories! It didn't cost a lot of money to make - but it was a HUGE undertaking and I literally spent months working on this project!

Cardboard is all glued and assembled - next step is paper mache!


Finally have this monster sized doll house covered and it's ready for the paint!

All set up for a Monster Make Over!

My friend found this bath tub for me at Walmart! Works perfect for the bathroom!

All of the rooms were hand painted and I just added some bling from stickers that I found at the dollar store! The pictures on the walls were little frames I found at Micheal's and I just painted them silver and printed out photos to go inside!

The beds were really easy to make - sponges from the dollar store, and left over cardboard! All covered in fabric! Jewels from the dollar store (the dollar stores were great for helping me to add embellishments to this creation!)

After working on this doll house for so many months, I was tired, and Christmas was fast approaching - something had to give and it was this room :( I made sure to paint it up real nice because I knew there was no way I would have time to make furniture for it! It actually worked out ok though - my daughter got draculaura's car for Christmas and she has taken to parking it in this room!! LOL!! So I guess it is a fancy garage? Hahahahaha!
The end result? My baby girl loves her new doll house and has lot's of new monster high dolls to put inside! She even got the 13 wishes oasis for Christmas and it fits perfectly on the balcony! Sometimes things just work out I guess!
Never again will I take on a huge project like this though - it took so long (especially since I could only work on it when she was in school). I LOVE how it all came together and I am so proud that I made this amazing doll house!



  1. OMG, I LOVE IT SO MUCH, MORE THAN MINE :) you did an amazing job, it looks soooooo amazing, we would love to share the pictures on our skull town talk show... not sure which episode... we're kind of behind on pics...
    YOU ARE FABULOUS!!! is it a school or dollhouse, if its a school, have you named it...

    1. Thank you so much! You are too kind! I could never make all the incredible details that you have the talent for! Your attention to detail is truly amazing!!! I went with a house for this building..... lots of beds (those were easy to make!! LOL!!!)
      I never would have been able to make this without your tutorial! Thank YOU so much!!! My daughter still plays with this house and all her little friends love it!